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3 Elements to Consider When Selecting Custom High Speed Doors

High speed doors are useful in warehousing environments where teams are continually loading and unloading pallets ready for processing and transportation across the country. But in order to select the ideal high speed doors for their facility, companies must commit to the customization process. Our experts at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. have decades of experience within the marketplace and in this latest post we will explore what to consider when choosing custom high speed doors.


Your work team’s safety has to be a leading consideration when choosing high speed doors for the facility. Make sure you consult with your warehousing team directly about the challenges they face. Discuss the full range of customization options and review how these options might impact the safety within the facility.

Current equipment

When choosing custom high speed doors for an industrial facility, it’s imperative your team takes their full range of current equipment into consideration. The doors must be designed in line with the current equipment at your team’s disposal. Ensure you have an integration process in place before finalizing the purchase of your custom high speed doors.


What are the leading intrusion risks within the facility? Is heat exposure a factor? Are work teams impacted by birds and insects? Consider all intrusive elements and how you can utilize the latest custom high speed doors to respond to these challenges.

Our trusted team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. is here to guide you in choosing refined custom high speed doors for your facility. To learn more on the options available, call us today!