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3 Tips for Ensuring Safety When Using Industrial Curtains

Industrial curtains can help reduce the sound transmission within your workspace. And they can also help ensure that temperature controls are retained during the working process. But in using the latest high quality industrial curtains it’s important that safety is the utmost priority. In this latest post, we’ll explain our three tips for ensuring safety when using industrial curtains.

1. Ensure all team members understand the rules

When working with industrial curtains, it takes one mistake to cause a long-standing issue within the facility. Make sure that all team members understand the rules for working with industrial curtains, and that each person can respond should the curtain require adjustment while work is being completed.

2. Review local fire regulations

Fire safety is critical when working with industrial curtains, particularly in environments where one spark can cause lasting damage within the facility. Make sure that the industrial curtains you’re using are designed according to the latest fire code standards.

3. Have a team member oversee curtain use

Make sure you have enough team members working with the industrial curtains to ensure their use is controlled effectively. Employ at least one member of staff to note down any changes in curtain performance and book maintenance. This will help in ensuring a full return on investment and safe use of the industrial curtains in the long-term.

Our team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. is here to guide you in choosing quality industrial curtains for your facility. To discover more on the latest options, call us today.