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The Benefits of Vinyl Doors for Your Facility

Vinyl doors are now used in facilities across the country to help safeguard the environment and keep team members at their productive best. Our team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. has many years’ experience supplying vinyl doors to clients across the country, and now in this latest post, we’re highlighting the benefits of the latest vinyl doors.

Temperature Retention

In many industrial spaces, the temperature within the facility must be maintained at a specific level to protect products. For example, within food processing plants, the food must be kept at a cool level to reduce the chances of spoilage. Vinyl doors are designed to help seal in temperatures and prevent leaks to the outside. This is ideal in achieving the perfect cool location for production facilities.

Easy Installation

A key benefit of vinyl doors is their simple installation. They arrive at the facility with the upper box completely pre-assembled and with two vertical extrusions. The company offers two unique mounting options for our vinyl doors: face mount for direct placement, and projection mount for a custom placement to avoid existing doors and their tracks. Each option takes only a short time to finalize within the facility.

Keeps Pests Out

In some cases, the doors can be used with a mesh exterior to protect the interior of the working environment against bug intrusion. This is important for safeguarding work teams against swarming bugs and bug bites, which can limit performance levels.
It’s imperative that you have access to the highest quality vinyl doors for your facility. To discover more on the options and the benefits of vinyl doors within your facility, call us today.