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The Industries Now Deploying Sound Curtains

Sound curtain technology is making its way across the marketplaces as more and more companies discover the unique productivity boosts and safety mitigation supported by their use. However, the wider business market has yet to discover the full value sound curtains deliver. And so, to highlight their importance in facilities across the country, our team will showcase several applications for sound curtains throughout the various industries.

Vehicle Repair Shops

Vehicle repair shops are now capitalizing on sound curtains to separate working areas. A sound curtain can be used to separate a team working on a body shop repair using loud equipment from an office space in which a manager is trying to concentrate on their accounting work. This process helps both team members maintain their productivity to boost the business and its operations.

Industrial Sites

Industrial firms are now utilizing sound curtains to block off sites in which compressors and other loud equipment are being used. The curtain works to protect the hearing of outside teams who may not be using the level of ear protection given to direct work teams.

Home Garage Spaces

Within the home garage, property owners are now utilizing sound curtains to separate the noise from their workspace from the rest of the home. The process ensures other members of the family can watch television comfortably while Dad works on his car repair in the garage.

Our team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. is here to guide you in choosing high quality sound curtains. To discover more on the product and its benefits, contact us today!