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The Key Elements to Review When Buying Custom Vinyl & Mesh Trailer Doors

Vinyl and mesh doors can both have significant value to companies across the industrial marketplace. They can help companies seal their working spaces against change temperatures, reducing heating and cooling costs, mitigating security issues within the property. In this latest post, our trusted team highlights the key elements to consider when reviewing custom vinyl & mesh trailer doors.

Long-term costs

A key consideration when evaluating vinyl and mesh doors is the long-term cost of the product. Does the door hold significant value for your firm in the coming years? Or will you have to replace the door when an issue occurs in a short amount of time? Make sure you review the door carefully and speak with the manufacturer about long-term maintenance costs. This process can help you save thousands of dollars in maintenance.

Setup Procedure

Make sure the trailer doors are easy to setup within your facility. This will help your team to save time and money when integrating the doors. Before you complete the purchase, make sure your team has a full understanding on door operation as this will be another important element in mitigating the time it takes to integrate the system.


Ensure the doors you’re buying are designed to meet the latest standards in terms of fire safety. And ask your in-house team to review the safety standards before finalizing the purchase.

Our team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. is here to guide you in choosing quality custom vinyl & mesh trailer doors for your facility. To discover more about your options, call us today!