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The Many Benefits of the Roll Up Vinyl Door

Working with trusted manufacturers can help your organization access the market’s finest roll-up vinyl door products. Within this latest post, our trusted team will explain more about the benefits of our vinyl roll-up door products, and what they can bring to your building and to your team.


When teams require their doors to move quickly, they can use roll up vinyl doors. One of the main benefits of a roll up vinyl door such as the G2 5400 is that it can be rolled up at 54” per second, which is 12 times faster than a traditional overhead door. This means that the team can quickly close the door when wind, rain, or insects impact the local area.


Another of the key benefits of vinyl roll up doors is their durability. The G2 5400 is designed with fiberglass wind bars that won’t break or bend in bad weather. The bars will automatically reset after impact, ensuring that there’s no long-term damage to the system. It’s a feature that ensures the roll up doors perform optimally for many years.

Reduce Heat Loss

The use of vinyl roll up doors also benefits the company in terms of air efficiency. The vinyl doors are designed to reduce heat loss in the winter time, so they can achieve the ideal comfortable environment for work teams while minimizing their energy costs over the years.

Our trusted professionals here at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. are here to guide you in choosing quality vinyl roll up doors for your facility. To discover more about your options, call us today!