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What to Look for When Buying Welding Curtains

Welding curtains can help to protect work teams against the light and sound produced during the welding process. They are a critical safety product in the modern facility and so buying welding curtains is a process that must be carefully managed. In this latest post we’ll explain more about what to look for when buying welding curtains.

Meet the Latest Safety Standards

Make sure that the welding curtains are designed in-line with the latest standards in the marketplace. They should be designed according to strict manufacturing quality standards and according to the fire marshal standards in your region.

Testing Procedures

What testing procedures do the welding screens go through when determining manufacturing quality? Make sure the manufacturer follows the proper testing procedures and has proof of their commitment to product quality.


When buying welding products, it’s imperative you have access to warranties so that any defect in the system can be fixed. Warranties help to secure your return on investment in welding curtains, and should cover a period of 5-years after your purchase.

Mold and Rot Resistant

The welding curtains should be produced with mold and rot-resistant thread to ensure the curtain retains its protective qualities after time spent in storage. Speak to the manufacturer about the material use in the curtain and review the quality directly.
Our team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. produces the highest quality welding curtains designed to meet the highest of market standards. To discover more about the working quality of our products and the options available, call us today.